Chances are, if you’re from the Tiffin area and have ever looked for a comprehensive family dentistry that offers high-quality dental care in a family-friendly environment, you’ve heard of Weininger Family Dentistry.

This small, family-run company is owned by Seneca County native Dr. Brandt Weininger and his wife, Makenzie. They are both dedicated to serving Tiffin and the surrounding communities with a variety of services for all ages.

Before working with Bascom, Weininger Family Dentistry experienced issues with their phone and Internet services, but since switching to Bascom, they have benefitted from their high-quality, high-speed Internet and excellent customer service.


“Before Bascom, we were with a big commercial chain and had the worst experience,” said Makenzie Weininger. “For three years, I would have to call every few months because our bill would go up, our phones randomly wouldn’t work, and our Internet was much slower. I spent many hours on the phone and got nowhere!”

Because of the increase in their monthly bills, poor service, and the fact that “it took forever to actually talk to someone on the phone” with their previous provider, Weininger Family Dentistry turned to a trusted local company that came highly recommended: Bascom Communications.

“I reached out to Bascom, and they came out the next week and got us a quote soon after,” Makenzie explained. “They were very professional and got us exactly what we wanted and needed for our business.”


“After talking with Kim Newman and chatting with the two gentlemen who came out to look at our office, we decided to switch to Bascom even before we found out how much it would be,” Makenzie said.

“Kim answered the phone every time I called and was able to answer my questions.  This was a big change from what we were used to!” she added.

Makenzie and her husband soon made the switch to Bascom’s Internet and phone services and haven’t looked back ever since.


Brandt, Makenzie, and the rest of their team have enjoyed working with Bascom for several reasons.

“We save about $40 month, and our service is much better, with faster Internet and wonderful customer service,” Makenzie explained. “Since switching to Bascom, we have not had one problem.  Our Internet has not once gone out, and our phones have worked perfectly.”

“We like working with Bascom because of their great customer service and the fact that we don’t have to worry that our Internet or phone service is going to go out,” she stated. “We depend on our phones and Internet service to run our business, and it’s nice to know if we ever have a problem, Bascom is just one call away any day and any time!”

Lastly, Makenzie added: “We have been with Bascom for over a year now and have not had to call them once because of service, but I am sure if and when we do, they will go above and beyond in serving us.”