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Bascom Communications is extremely proud to announce the newest offering to our membership, Accelerate Full Throttle!  Full Throttle is Gigabit capable access over our state of the art fiber to the premise infrastructure.  Bascom Communications has been bringing services to our area since 1906 and when management and the board took the foresighted leap into fiber optics back in 2004, making us one of the few in the nation bringing fiber directly into the home at the time, they set us up to be able to offer Full Throttle today.  Bascom Communications is one of only a couple providers in the entire state of Ohio that have an offering of this magnitude and the only one in Seneca County.  “Go as fast as your devices let you” and never worry about speed again when the connection is opened wide up for your needs.  Standard Internet packages in the area and state are anywhere from 5-100 Mbps.  Full Throttle is capable of up to 1000 Mbps* or 10-200 times faster download and 28-333 times faster aggregate bandwidth than ordinary speeds offered.  Best of all, residential packages start at $49.95!  Bundle that with Fiber TV and voice and you can get residential Full Throttle with 200 GB of transfer (10x more than a standard cell data package with 20x more speed) for only $34.95 a month! 

Internet is becoming more like a necessary utility every day.  To provide the most benefit Bascom Communications has instituted a metered usage approach just for Full Throttle.  Traditional Internet plans provide a fixed amount of data and if you can’t do everything you want, unfortunately that’s just the way it is and you have to prioritize.  This would be like the electric company only giving you so much power that you can run your refrigerator and TV, but if you want to use the microwave, you have to wait or unplug one of the other appliances.  That wouldn’t work so why are we trying to do that exact thing as service providers?  We want the full speed available there and you use what you need.  That is metered usage.  Plus you will have access with Full Throttle to monitor your usage and get usage alerts through SmartHub. 

We also understand that metered usage isn’t for everyone and that some people just don’t like it.   Rest assured, we aren’t changing any of the other Accelerate gears to metered, they are staying unlimited for those that would rather have the comfort of unlimited over the speed experience of Full Throttle.  The choice, as always, with Bascom Communications is yours. 

Businesses in our area are so busy with day-to-day operations that paying attention to data usage is not in the cards for them so to not burden them, Bascom Communications has also decided to add Accelerate Full Throttle Unlimited to our Business offering.  Get a Gig capable connection for your business to increase productivity and efficiency unmatched by anyone.

Tiers for Full Throttle Residential with 1 Gbps capable* speed can be found on our ACCELERATE page by clicking here.



*Bascom Communications’ link to you is a Gigabit connection.  Some home routers and devices are not capable of attaining Gigabit speeds.  Even in these scenarios if the customer does not want to spend money upgrading, they do not have to, they are still going to benefit from drastically increased speeds over traditional offerings.

**Bascom Communications average data usage per customer is around 149 GB per month, so we have constructed tiers of usage to be able to provide the most bang for the buck for our residential members.  Overage fees are an extremely fair and inexpensive $0.15/GB, and as always we will work with you to put you in the appropriate tier so you aren’t paying a bill that is outrageous or unfair.

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