The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public-private partnership that drives and leads economic, downtown, and community development for Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio. Like Bascom Communications, TSEP is dedicated to helping communities in Seneca County to grow and thrive.

So, it was only natural that both organizations would come together over the past few years to work on different projects in the region. Most notably, in 2018, Seneca County worked with Bascom to improve its 911 emergency management system and formulated a new dark fiber ring to enhance services for the area.

Recently, however, Bascom Communications had the opportunity to work directly with TSEP and upgrade this organization’s own telecommunications system.


“We had a very old phone system,” David Zak, the president and CEO of TSEP, explained. “We only had two people that could connect with it. It was very difficult to use; the Internet went down constantly.”

“It seems they were on a package from one of the other [phone] providers that was very, very old,” said Nate Brickner, the general manager of Bascom Communications. “They were never upgraded over the years, so they were trying to do a lot with a little.”

Since the new dark fiber ring for the County went by TSEP’s office, TSEP decided to reach out to Bascom Communications for help on choosing a new solution.


“They really came in and really asked what our needs were and what our challenges were,” Zak said. “But we didn’t need the deluxe Rolls-Royce edition. So, they kept something within our budget. And so, our challenge was how do we, within our budget, get a modern solution that allows us to run our business because we work on like on 120 different projects throughout Seneca County and many other things besides?”


In the end, Bascom provided TSEP with a solution that gave them the speed and reliability they needed—a solution that made them more efficient and helped enhance their business.  

“They gave us what we need, and it was within our price range,” Zak stated, “And so, they helped us solve that challenge of keeping it affordable, but also on the cutting edge.”