Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the start of the new season than with a bit of spring cleaning? We know what you’re thinking but don’t worry! Our kind of spring cleaning doesn’t require a day cleaning every crevice of your house or loading up the car with clothes to donate. Our idea of spring cleaning is the kind you can do while lounging back on your couch. Sounds better, right?

We’re talking about spring cleaning your technology! Spring cleaning your technology will not only give you that cleanfeeling, but it can also help improve performance, free up storage space, and give you a better sense of organization on your device. It’s easy to remember that your house needs a little pick-me-up after the winter, but it’s essential to not forget about your technology!

Spring cleaning your technology is more than grabbing a screen wipe and an air duster. We’re talking about cleaning what’s inside your tech! Here are a few ideas to get your technology cleaning thoughts flowing.


  • Create folders for your emails
  • Delete old emails
  • Unsubscribe from emails you are no longer interested in


  • Organize your bookmarks
  • Get rid of bookmarks you no longer use

Cell phone

  • Delete old apps
  • Organize the apps you use in specific folders
  • Update old apps
  • Clear old call and voicemail history
  • Move photos to a cloud-type photo storage service
  • Update software and operating systems

Our team hopes this list helped you realize the importance of spring cleaning your technology and sparked some ideas on how you can get started. If you have questions regarding Bascom’s high-quality, dependable service, please visit https://bascomtelephone.com/businesses/#form.

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