It is with excitement that Bascom Communications announces Jon Hampshire as our Employee Spotlight for the month of December. Jon serves as Customer Service Manager and has been with Bascom Communications for seven years now. In fact, he just celebrated his anniversary with the Company at the end of October.

Jon is originally from the Tiffin area and graduated from Tiffin Columbian High School. From there, he went on to study at Bowling Green State University where he double majored in telecommunications and political science. In college, he interned with Tiffin City Schools and after graduating, he was offered a full-time position working within the technology department. Jon spent eight years in the department and was then promoted to Tech Coordinator, where he spent another eight years. In this position, he worked with hardware and software support as well as managed the technology department.

In his role at Bascom Communications, Jon oversees billing and the back-end billing processes. Jon is also the go-to guy our customers turn to with questions or support should they need it. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Jon said that he enjoys working directly with our customers the most. “In this position, I get to meet some really cool individuals. There are so many different types of people and I get to talk to them every single day,” he said. “I never have the same day twice.”

Although the Bascom team is small, we are mighty. Jon explained that our team of 14 employees works very closely together and everyone pitches in when needed. “When I was working for the school system, there were a couple hundred employees and I felt like I was constantly jumping all over the place,” he said. “What’s great about working for Bascom is that we are all working together toward the same common goal which is providing unbeatable service to our customers.”

For many companies, Bascom included, this year has looked a little different compared to years prior. Jon explained that Bascom has had to make some adjustments internally due to COVID-19 but through everything, we have continued to offer the same quality services to our customers.

In his free time, Jon enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. “When I’m not at work, I’m with them. They’re my whole world,” he said. When asked what his favorite thing to watch on television is, Jon explained that it’s a tossup between The Dukes of Hazzard and his favorite movie, Casablanca. Great choices, Jon!

Jon is looking forward to a long career with Bascom Communications and is excited for what is to come in the years ahead.

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