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Why is data security necessary for your home and business?
No home or business should overlook implementing security measures. If you’re wondering why data security is so important, it’s because it ensures continuity in today’s data-driven world. As the internet becomes more and more popular, the risk of potential cyberattacks is also likely to increase. This is where a reliable and trustworthy provider comes into play.

Bascom Communications goes above and beyond to ensure your network is secure and protected for residential and business connections alike with Managed Wi-Fi and even maintains and warranties your wireless router.

The benefits of Managed Wi-Fi with Bascom Communications

Protect all devices on your Wi-Fi
All traffic that passes through your network is scanned for viruses and blocked.

Keep website access safe
Thousands of malicious sites – phishing, hijacking, spyware, hardware, and malware sites are automatically blocked.

Stop intruders
ProtectIQ™ prevents cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.

Enjoy a no hassle, worry free wi-fi connection in your home with Managed Wi-Fi

Let Bascom Communications take the worry away when it comes to your network security with Managed Wi-Fi. Utilize the ProtectIQ app and enhance your security and protect against viruses, prevent intrusions, and blocks malicious websites. Managed Wi-Fi also securely and automatically steers your device’s connection to the best signal throughout a property making your connection hassle free.

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About Bascom Communications
Bascom Communications is a progressive cooperative that has continued to be a technological and service leader in the area ever since we were formed in 1906.

We have reinvested millions into our networks and offer all our wired customers, both business and residential, the advantage of having the most advanced and reliable fiber-optic technology directly into their premises from a local and caring provider.

Bascom Communications offers high-quality telephone service, Fiber TV, accelerated high-speed Internet access, security and personal home safety, Ethernet transport, and wireless Internet with LTE—along with many other services—to make your communications experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable. We continue to broaden our profile and reach to offer the most to our customers now and into the future.