How Fast is Your Internet?

Do you ever wonder just how fast your internet actually is? Internet speed is the volume of data transferred through a connection in a given amount of time, and there are a number of different factors that can affect it. For this reason, your service may perform better some days than others.

Knowing your internet speed and how it compares can help you get the most out of your connection. So, here are the top factors that may be influencing your internet connection:

Connection Type

Your internet speed depends largely on the type of connection you have. Below are some of the internet connections available:

  • Fiber
  • Cable
  • Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Dialup

Although there have been several advances in Wi-Fi services over the years, nothing compares to the connection that an ethernet cable can provide. Whenever possible, use a cable to connect your devices such as smart TV’s, computer systems and gaming consoles.

Outdated Hardware

Your device itself could be the reason your internet isn’t performing how you’re expecting it to. Old computers, phones and tablets with slower processors built in could be slowing down your connection and prohibiting you from experiencing the high-speed service you’re paying for.

Router Location

In order to optimize your Wi-Fi connection, it’s important to be strategic in the placement of your router. Whenever possible, you should aim to install your router in the center of your home so that you have an even, solid connection throughout. It’s also important to note that walls and doors can reduce the speed and reach of your network.

Web Browser

If you’re having problems with your internet speed, try using a different web browser. Experiment with various browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others to determine which one gives you the best results when it comes to internet speed and efficiency.

Network Traffic

The more people connected to your internet, the slower it will be. This is because adding more users to an internet-connected network can cause traffic congestion and reduce access speeds. While modern networks are designed to handle a high volume of connections, you may still experience reduced speed from time to time.

Bascom Internet Speed Test

Find out how fast your internet is with Bascom’s Internet Speed Test! Speed tests may vary from site to site due to many factors including usage, server resources available, test machine hardware, and connection medium. IP network overhead exists on all connections tested, and this overhead will make your connection appear slightly less than what you are provisioned.

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