For as technologically advanced as we are today, there are still many rural communities throughout the United States that don’t have access to a reliable internet connection. At Bascom Communications, we believe that high-speed internet access through a reliable fiber connection can transform rural communities across the country. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing big-city accessibility to our customers in rural Ohio.


Fiber cables use small glass fibers to transmit data using pulses of light. While the light travels much like electricity does through a copper wire, the advantage is that fiber cables can carry multiple signals at once which results in a much faster, more reliable connection.

For businesses and households that require a large amount of bandwidth, fiber is the obvious choice, as it is more reliable across various devices being used at the same time. A fiber internet connection allows you to stream video, browse the web, back up data, and more – without the dreadful signal loss or fear of interrupting someone else’s connection.


When small, rural communities gain access to a high-speed internet connection, it spurs growth for small businesses already there, encourages start-ups, and can even draw new industries and business opportunities into town. Technology is a large part of our everyday lives and in many ways, it has become a necessity. We rely heavily on it for basics tasks, such as navigating around a city or communicating what’s for dinner.

According to Sparklight, fiber internet helps retain and grow businesses and improves the quality of life for everyone. As a result, businesses become more productive which can lead to economic growth and prosperity. Rural communities that don’t have accessible communication infrastructure through a fiber connection have to work harder to get the information they need, and may not always have access to the same opportunities as those with one.


At Bascom Communications, we believe that an abundant and accessible connection makes life easier. Our mission is to provide reliable internet access to our customers both now and into the future, as well as high-quality, dependable service and support. Our fiber infrastructure bridges the digital divide and keeps rural communities competitive and vibrant.

With Accelerate Full Throttle from Bascom Communications, you can access high-speed Internet packages over our state-of-the-art fiber network. Enjoy faster downloads, expanded bandwidth, and symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gbps for any of your connected devices.

About Bascom Communications

Bascom Communications is a progressive cooperative that has continued to be a technological and service leader in the area ever since we were formed in 1906. 

We have reinvested millions into our networks and offer all our wired customers, both business and residential, the advantage of having the most advanced and reliable fiber-optic technology directly into their premises from a local and caring provider.

Bascom Communications offers high-quality telephone service, Fiber TV, accelerate high-speed Internet access, security and personal home safety, Ethernet transport, and wireless Internet with LTE—along with many other services—to make your communications experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable. We continue to broaden our profile and reach to be able to offer the most to our customers now and into the future.