For over 60 years, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union has been dedicated to meeting the needs and services of member-owners in Tiffin, Ohio, and the surrounding area.

Since their founding in 1952, they have grown into a large community credit union with more than 8,200 member-owners across the region.

As a member-driven financial cooperative, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union is truly invested in their community, so when it came time to choose a new phone and Internet service provider, who made more sense to work with than the equally community-minded Bascom Communications?


“Before we started working with Bascom Communications, we had issues with our previous service provider,” said Derek A. Sidor, the president and CEO of Your Legacy Federal Credit Union.

“In early 2019, there was a thunderstorm, and we had damage to our phone network,” he continued. “It took me significantly longer to get the other phone carrier (a big national phone carrier) to work with us, while Bascom had a quick response.”

Choosing Local

After deciding to explore alternative options for their phone and Internet services, it soon became apparent that working with Bascom Communications would be an excellent match.

“We like supporting local companies and organizations,” Derek stated. “Our organization is made up of different members across Seneca County.  We’re a cooperative; Bascom is a cooperative. We like supporting them since they’re a local business. In fact, we love the business model of member-owned businesses since we are also member-owned.”


On the whole, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union has experienced numerous advantages from working with Bascom throughout the years.

“They have always been very reliable,” Derek said. “Their Internet is up all the time. If they’re going to be doing any maintenance on their network, they always give me a head’s up and call me personally. And if they’re ever doing any maintenance on their fiber line, it’s always minimal if there’s going to be a downtime.”

“We’re very pleased with the overall service they provide,” he explained. “I feel that other people they talk to have always spoken favorably about their services. They’re dependable; that’s how I’d describe them.”

Besides reliability, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union has also experienced “amazing customer service and a good network performance,” Derek stated. “The uptime is excellent; if the network ever goes down (which is rare), Bascom always explains why. If the Internet is ever down, it’s usually a regional-type thing. They are always very responsive to any issues.”

Finally, he said, “I’ve gotten to know employees personally over the years and really enjoy talking to people. I can tell they care about their customers.”

Above-Average Service

Derek described two particular times where Bascom delivered exceptional customer service.

“For instance, a few years ago, we were having some lag on our network,” he said. “We knew we needed more bandwidth. They called to quote out the increase in Internet speed. It was a very easy process that taken care of in really short order.” 

“Another incident that occurred was a lightning strike that hit right outside our credit union,” Derek explained. “It fried out the ATM and router. I wasn’t sure what piece of our equipment wasn’t working. So, Bascom came over, diagnosed that the Internet was working, and helped us to identify which equipment had failed we could start the process of getting it replaced.”

All in all, Your Legacy Federal Credit Union has had an excellent experience by working with Bascom Communications.