In one of our latest blogs, we discussed the science behind fiber-optic internet and took a closer look at some of the common questions associated with it. Fiber-optic internet is the latest change to the way data is transferred around the globe, across the country and throughout your very own community. It uses fiber-optic cables, which use light signals to send data to and from your computer.

While traditional copper wires used to be the norm, fiber-optics are slowly taking the throne. Fiber-optic internet allows you to surf the web, stream and download with speed. Here are a few more frequently asked questions about fiber internet:

Is fiber internet faster?

The use of fiber internet is becoming increasingly popular and starting to spread across the United States. One of the top reasons that households and businesses decide to make the switch is due to its speed. While traditional copper wires can still provide reliable internet speed, fiber-optics can do so even faster and over longer distances.

Because the strands are wrapped in a bundle and protected with layers of plastic, fiber can travel greater distances. This allows the cables to carry more data than a bundle of copper cables of the same diameter. Fiber-optic internet delivers faster speeds than both DSL and cable.

Is fiber internet expensive?

While fiber-optic internet may seem like a more costly solution up front, the costs make sense when you look at the long-term effects of implementing fiber into your home or business. When you choose fiber for your internet connectivity, you are making an investment that will eventually save you money down the road when it comes to maintenance and hardware replacements.

Can you obtain a wireless connection with fiber internet?

Yes! To achieve a wireless connection with fiber internet, all you need is a modem and WiFi router that is fiber compatible. Bright Wireless from Bascom Communications provides high-speed Internet access to your home or business. Bright Wireless runs on our WiMAX, OFDM, and state-of-the-art LTE service.

How do I get connected to fiber internet?

The first thing you need to do to get connected to fiber internet is find a fiber internet provider in your area. Bascom Communications offer a variety of packages and is continuously expanding our reach to rural America. Once you’ve chosen your provider, you will need to schedule your installation. Bascom provides step-by-step instructions and walks you through the process to ensure a seamless process.

About Bascom Communications

Bascom Communications is a progressive cooperative that has continued to be a technological and service leader in the area ever since we were formed in 1906. 

We have reinvested millions into our networks and offer all our wired customers, both business and residential, the advantage of having the most advanced and reliable fiber-optic technology directly into their premises from a local and caring provider.

Bascom Communications offers high-quality telephone service, Fiber TV, Accelerate high-speed Internet access, security and personal home safety, Ethernet transport, and wireless Internet with LTE—along with many other services—to make your communications experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable.

We continue to broaden our profile and reach to be able to offer the most to our customers now and into the future.