Buckeye IT has been providing professional IT Support for businesses in and around Tiffin, Ohio, since 2007. Many businesses and organizations count on Buckeye IT for their network and computer support for everything from hardware to software, security, and data services.  

Through a mutually beneficial partnership over the years, Buckeye IT and Bascom Communications have worked together to serve entities of all shapes and sizes across Seneca County—including the County itself.

Interconnecting County Offices with a High-Speed Fiber Network

“The [Seneca] County administrator Stacy Wilson and myself have had a common goal of interconnecting the County offices with a high-speed network,” said Jake Schaaf, the owner of Buckeye IT. “Nate [Brickner] from Bascom knew about the problem that we were running into and knew about our ultimate goal and was able to bring his team and some of his partners to a table to solve the problem that everybody was having.”


Since then, Schaaf, Brickner, and other members of their teams—as well as other community partners—have worked together to connect Seneca County with high-speed Internet over a fiber network so the County has the speed, reliability, and dependability they need as a local government.

Now, Seneca County can communicate internally across various locations and with businesses and residents throughout the area with the real-time service and support people depend on.