With people working from home, taking classes online, attending virtual concerts, and finding other ways to stay socially distant, it’s a fact that we are relying on technology more than ever before. While social media, video chatting, and streaming are wonderful outcomes of our world’s technological advancements, at times they can be frustrating or just plain annoying.

Over the course of the past few months, we have uncovered some hilarious memes that help us truly relate to some of the technology fails people are facing right now. Which of these memes do you relate to most?

A close up of a dog Description automatically generated
Credit: ruinmyweek.com

A dog wearing a costume Description automatically generated
Credit: Hire Write Talent via Google

A white cat with its mouth open Description automatically generated
Credit: @socialworkmentor via Twitter

A picture containing person, man, photo, woman Description automatically generated
Credit: Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens via Facebook

Credit: Key Realty via Facebook

Credit: Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens via Facebook

We hope that these memes put a smile on your face! For more Bascom Communications content to brighten your day, visit our Around the Block segment for fun community interviews while building with Legos.