Welcome to our second segment of Around the Block with Bascom!

Our latest Around the Block segment is a little different, since everyone was staying home “at their own block” to maintain social distancing. Instead of meeting in person, we hosted a virtual call to introduce our featured guests – Keven Rinaman, Director of Technology at Calvert Catholic Schools, and Jake Schaaf, Founder at Buckeye IT.

With COVID-19 being a main point of focus right now for many local schools and businesses, we gained insights from Keven and Jake on how they are supporting their students and clients during the transition to at-home learning and work. In this segment you will:

  • Gain insights into how local schools in the Seneca County area are utilizing technology to support virtual learning.
  • Learn about what Keven and Jake are doing with 3D printing to create protective masks for people in the community.
  • Discover Keven, Jake, and Nate’s LEGO creations at the end of the video!