Member Perks – For Bascom Communications Members

At Bascom Communications we are helping cooperative members do more with their earnings by partnering with Abenity, a leader in the engagement and loyalty field, to provide private perks and discount program to our cooperative members.

The new program will streamline rewards of being a cooperative member by offering a central, online location, to find and discover, new savings and perks offered as a benefit of your membership.

We know that every dollar counts, and this program is something we can offer that can help each co-op member. Very few companies have the resources to create something like Abenity offers from the ground up, and their application was a great fit for our organization. This new discount program gives members access to over 302,000 local and national discounts, which can add up to over $4,500 in savings per person.

Join the Bascom Communications Member Discount Program


Verify membership with Bascom Communications to receive registration code by calling 419-937-2222.