Conversation around Wi-Fi 6 routers has been circulating for some time now, however, they haven’t been available or affordable until quite recently. According to Consumer Reports, Wi-Fi 6 routers were originally aimed toward demanding users like gamers. As of January 2020, many manufacturers have started to expand their lineup, causing the Wi-Fi 6 router to become more readily available to everyday consumers.

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6? Wi-Fi 6, also commonly referred to as 802.11ax, isn’t a new means of connecting to the internet. Rather, it’s an upgraded standard that compatible devices, such as routers, can use to transmit Wi-Fi signals more efficiently. Wi-Fi 4 routers have all but vanished and while Wi-Fi 5 routers are still available, they’re likely to be replaced altogether by Wi-Fi 6 routers soon.

Benefits of Wi-Fi 6

Faster Wi-Fi

As you can imagine, the latest Wi-Fi release offers faster data transfer speeds than any previous version. If you’re using a Wi-Fi router with a single device, maximum potential speeds should be up to 40% higher with Wi-Fi 6 compared to Wi-Fi 5. There are two technologies that work together to speed up Wi-Fi 6 connections: MU-MIMIO and OFDMA.

MU-MIMO is an acronym for “multi-user, multiple input, multiple output” and allows a router to communicate with multiple devices at the same time. Wi-Fi 6 routers will have the capacity to communicate with up to eight devices simultaneously. OFDMA stands for “orthogonal frequency division multiple access” and allows one transmission to deliver data to multiple devices at once.

Longer Battery Life

Wi-Fi 6 features a new Target Wake Time (TWT), meaning your Wi-Fi-enabled devices should have a longer battery life when connected to the newest version of Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi 6 router can detect when a device is in use. If it detects that the device isn’t in use, it will put itself to sleep. This contributes to less battery drainage and improved battery life in general of your devices.

Better Performance in Crowded Areas

You’ve probably been in a situation before at a restaurant, airport, or concert venue where you’ve struggled to find a signal. Oftentimes, the more people around, the worse the Wi-Fi connection is. With Wi-Fi 6, this is less likely to happen. In fact, Wi-Fi 6 will improve each user’s average speed by at least four times in congested areas with a lot of connected devices.

Improved Security

Thanks to enhanced encryption, Wi-Fi 6 offers the most robust security thus far. Wi-Fi 6 enables WPA3 certification which provides additional encryption algorithms and enhanced key management. While WPA3 is optional, it adds an extra layer of protection against cybercriminals.

It’s important to note that cyber threats are on the rise and every single Wi-Fi-enabled device is at risk for attack. So, upgrading your router to be compatible with Wi-Fi 6 lowers your chances of exposing sensitive information to hackers.

Bascom Communications Solution

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About Bascom Communications

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