The way people communicate and consume information is always evolving, but these advancements and their benefits are seen more rapidly for some locations than others. While residents of large cities have quick and easy access to internet, telephone, and video technology, nearly 24% of rural Americans say that access to high-speed internet is still a major problem for them. This poses an important question regarding the connectivity and productivity of those living in rural areas. When the world has suddenly been put on hold and face-to-face interaction has turned into working from home, phone calls, and video chatting – how do those without reliable internet access carry on their daily lives?

For this very reason, Bascom Communications is on a mission to provide Seneca County, Ohio with high-quality, dependable service and support to keep our community connected. We’re dedicated to offering big-city accessibility to our customers both now and in the future. Our team offers multiple resources to our community for those who are struggling with slow internet speeds:

Data Calculator
Many families are currently facing the pros and cons of a having a full household – it’s almost like the holidays, but in April! If you’re trying to send emails and surf the web, while your children are downloading music, online gaming, and watching the latest episode of Tiger King, you may be reaching your data limit. Our free Data Calculator is a quick way to estimate your current data usage.

Internet Speed Test
If your internet is continuously providing loading issues and you can’t seem to get anything done, it’s time to test your internet speed. Check out our Internet Speed Test to learn how your current internet is performing, and feel free to contact us with questions you may have about your results.

Fiber Internet Map
Bascom Communications has made many recent investments to extend our high-speed internet services throughout Seneca County. These investments have helped us extend our services to those who previously were not able to get high-speed internet. Check out our Fiber map to see if your home or business is within our fiber route.


During these uncertain times, our Bascom Communications team is here as a resource to support and answer questions about your internet speed, data usage, telephone, video, and security connectivity. It is our goal to be your local link to the world – and especially now, you, your family, and your employees should have the resources you need to be informed on your options for reliable internet.
Please contact us with any questions.